The Galilee Society – The Arab Society for Health Research & Services (The GS) is a non-governmental organization located in Israel.
The GS aims to promote health and environmental justice for the Arab minority in Israel through engaging in advocacy, capacity building and research. The GS has a long-standing record of expertise and experience in promoting equal and just health rights for the Arab minority in Israel and remains a prominent figure in the promotion of health rights, leading health forums, providing professional health consultations to Arab localities, promoting health literacy and pioneering health related research.

PresenTense leads Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through entrepreneurship.
Our innovative model inspires the launch of local businesses leading to employment and income opportunities, development of local economies and establishment of strong communities through sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems.
To date, PresenTense has led over 148 entrepreneurship programs to 1,500+ entrepreneurs that launched over 850 ventures, 70% improved employment and /leading active ventures. Over $ $287M was raised by PresenTense alumni to their startups which created over 8K jobs.