The Rikaz Databank

 Rikaz is the first and foremost online socio-economic databank on the Palestinian community in Israel as a tool to create and collate data in an accessible way. Rikaz presents Palestinians in Israel as one social group, in contrast to official Israeli statistical resources which report only religious sects. Furthermore, various statistical sources in Israel completely ignore the Palestinians citizens in Israel and do not mention them even as religious sects.

Rikaz aims to empower the Palestinian community by providing valuable socio-economic information in an accessible and clearly defined way.

Utilizing as many available sources as possible, the Rikaz Databank provides a clearinghouse for information on both Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel, and facilitates the comparison and analysis of findings in order to:

Help Palestinians in Israel achieve their legitimate rights according to the UN Charter on Human Rights, and their socio-economic rights as Israeli citizens;

Contribute accurate and compelling facts to advocacy campaigns and appeal initiatives on behalf of the Palestinian community;

Offer essential data to planning, decision-making and research professionals in the fields of education, employment, health and other key areas in order to promote development in this community;

Draw the attention of authorities at the national level to disparities between Palestinian and Jewish living standards, and to help reach a clear understanding of the status and the specific needs of the Palestinian minority.

Rikaz Databank is based on data taken from its own surveys and utilizes many other sources.

Due to the special data bank infrstructure, the databank itself needs to be accessed via the old Rikaz website.