About The Institute of Applied Research

  The Institute of Applied Research, a scientific-strategic project of the Galilee Society, was founded in July of 1995 as the first Research and Development Center in the Palestinian-Arab community in Israel. Originally located in the village of Eilaboun, the center was transferred to Shefa-Amr in 2000. Researchers at the Institute conduct basic and applied research on community-centered projects that address the environmental and health needs of the Arab population in Israel. Research, undertaken with local, regional and international research organizations and universities, has focused on issues related to health, water conservation, environmental biotechnology, applied biotechnology, agriculture, renewable energy, and medicinal herbs. Since its inception, the Institute has continued to maintain high levels of achievement and excellence, aiming to alleviate health and environmental hazards, enhance economic opportunities for the Arab community and provide additional scientific and educational tools for Arab students.

The Institute has over six hundred square meters of laboratory facilities and offices. It is well equipped in terms of lab space and materials, and is able to accommodate the latest techniques for experiments and analysis. The Institute also has two field study sites which allow researchers to apply work on the pilot/demonstration scale. These are the Appropriate Technology Consortium (ATC) pilot site for waste-water treatment technologies, located in the town of Sakhnin in the heart of the Galilee Region, and AlMaissam: The Medicinal Plant Center for Research & Education in the village of Kofr Kana in the Galilee.

Our Mission
As a leading mega-institute for applied research and development in the fields of Biotechnology and Environmental Science, serving the local and global scientific community, the Galilee Society's Institute for Applied Research aims to:
Enhance the standard of living and quality of life for the Arab community by providing scientific and technological solutions to regional health and environmental problems;
Strengthen and promote scientific innovation within the Arab community by serving as an educational center for aspiring scientists, high school through graduate level;
Spur economic growth in environmental industry by promoting clean-tech and biotechnology initiatives.

Academically Affiliated with the University of Haifa

Eligible for Financial Support from Israel's Ministry of Science