The Palestinians in Israel - 4rth Socio-Economic Survey 2013

The Third Socio-Economic Survey is a continuation of the efforts of the Galilee Society – The Arab National Society for Health Research and Services, to gather information and conduct socio-economic surveys about the Palestinians in Israel and monitor our social and economic reality as groups and individuals; we believe that information and accurate data are crucial for the process of growth and development in all its forms.

Our conviction that we, the Palestinian society in Israel, should produce our own data and study our own community is at the core of this survey; we believe that our people should monitor their own socio-economic and political reality and development from their own perspective and according to the priorities set by them as a struggling ethnic community living on its national land, striving to build a stable and dignified existence based on justice and equality as the means to achieve communal and individual rights.

.The Socio Economic Survey has been conducted every three years since 2004. For the latest edition 2010, please click here