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Water and Wastewater Lab
Dr. Isam Sabbah

Specialized Company Research Services

Taking advantage of the Galilee Society's advanced laboratory equipment as well as the staff's vast scientific knowledge and experience in the field of water and wastewater treatmet, the Center offers services for:

COD, Ions, Organic Nitrogen, Phenols, TSS, VSS, VFA, FOG, Heavy Metals

Microbial Analysis:
BOD, Fecal Coliforms

The Institute offers specialized research services to environmental engineering companies, industrial plants and other organizations, providing them with scientific information to facilitate procedure optimization or the consideration appropriate alternatives.


As a mega- instiute research center, with most of our researchers studying and teaching in academic colleges throughout the region, the Institute of Applied Research conducts various scientific and educational activities for the benefit of local Arab communities in the Galilee. By initiating and organizing workshops and semiars for high school students, the Institute aims to expose Arab youth to the sciences and encourage them to engage in further scientific research. Independnetly, and through its Al-Maissam educational arm, the Institute also advises high school students with research projects related to biology, chemistry and the environmental sciences.

2nd Israel Science Festival 2010 - Green Technology-:Alternative Energy and Wastewater Treatment for Reuse
All of the regional R&D centers across the country assisted in coordinating the festival in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology. Dr. Naim Najamy served as the event’s coordinator, opening the festival with a welcoming speech, stating the importance of such events for the Palestinian community in Israel. The Mayor of Shefa-Amr and the Galilee Society’s General Director discussed the importance of science and promoting minority rights in issues of development . The Director of the Institute, Dr. Jeries Jadoun, then spoke about the need to deepen student's knowledge and awarness about waste water as a natural resource, also demonstrating potential career opportunities for Palestinian studients in the sciences.The festival provided seminars and lectures to students from Shefa-Amr, broadening their knowledge and understanding of the sciences, environmental issues as well as the work of the Institute. Participants were particularly impressed upon hearing about alternative energy sources such as sun and wind power, as well as the use of waste water for everyday capacities.The science festival received great feedback from the participants, the teachers and the municipality’s representatives, and was concluded with a joint tour in the Institue's lab services.

Waste as a Source of Food and Energy
Dr. Issam Sabbah

Bio-Diesel as an Alternative to Polluting Petro-Chemical Fuels
Dr. Ahmad Tafesh

Simple Methods to Treat Waste-water for Reu-use in Rural Agriculture
Anwar Masalha

Use of Bio-Ethanol from Organic Waste in the Past, Present and Future
Ezra Haji

Agricultural Waste- A Source for Natural Antimicrobial Compounds and Renewable Energy
Within the activities of the first national scientific festival, supported by the Ministry of Science and in collaboration with the Department of Education and High School Managers in the Shefa-Amr Municipality, Dr. Jeries Jadoun, Dr. Naim Najami and other R&D researchers, presented a seminar attended by over fifty high school students studying biology, chemistry and the environmental sicences. The seminar concluded with a tour of the R&D labs where students learned about various research fields, topics and methodologies currently investigated by R&D researchers. In addition, various demonstrations concerning the production of bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas were conducted for participating students.

Agricultral waste as a source of Biogas Production
Dr. Isam Sabbah

The application of enzymes for the Production of Biodeisel
Dr. Sobhi Basheer

Agricultural Wastes as a Source for Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Natural Compounds
Fares Halahi

Bioethanol Production from Waste
Hiba Abu-Taieh

Additional Lectures
How Biogas Production Works
Dr. Nedal Massalha

The Role of Activated Carbon and Low-cost Additives in Environmental Applications
Dr. Isam Sabbah

Drug Discovery
Dr. Ahmed Yazbak

UV System as an option for Waste-water Disinfection
Karl Linden, University of Colorado at Boulder

L-carnitine Supplementation in Chronic Renal Failure.
Does the Evidence Justify its Use?
Nour Abu Ahmad, Clinical Deitition at Nazareth Hospital

Clinical and Genetic Aspects of Progressive Mycoclonic Familial Epilepsy
Dr. Zaid Afawi, Ben Gurion University Medical School & Tel-Aviv Soroko Medical Center

Self-Mediciation in Free Range Herbivores
Dr. Sirg Jan Landu, Volcani Center Genetic

Diseases in the Arab Community, Disease Gene Mapping and Cloning
Dr. Adel Shalafa - Simon Winter Institute for Human Genetics, Bnai-Zion Medical Center