Background information

 The AlMaissam was established in 1999 as part of the initiatives of the R&D center of the GS. It aims at preserving and revitalizing the use of medicinal plants for its scientific and health contributions. AlMaissam started out as a greenhouse for Medicinal Plants to be expanded later on into its current state as a Biotechnological Center for Research and education. The Center comprises of a reception Hall, laboratories, class rooms, a greenhouse, and different study corners of birds, bees, Fish, and other ecosystem exhibits. The activities of the center are set in accordance with inspectors of environmental studies and the Ministry of Education.
The AlMaissam center (the center) is open to the public and groups of all ages to exhibit the fixtures as a glimpse of the bio-network. It offers an opportunity to experience and learn about the benefit of a full array of Medicinal plants and its usage in the traditional ways on a daily basis and their dependency on it to treat different health conditions, while it promotes the biotechnology in the scientific research to advance the utilization of Medicinal plants and its incorporation into Modern Medicine.